Best Star Wars Inspired Drones

Star Wars for several decades is still a hot commodity, its movie franchise is always in the top of box office, racking up millions of dollars for its every movie.

Its not just about the movie, its products, memorabilia reagarding Star Wars us also in demand, analyst says that the products alone is a million dollar industry. Light Sabers, spaceships, darth vader costumes and other action figures, its all a hot sell.

Of course the new product on the block that is getting a lot of attention these days, “Star Wars Drones”. Star Wars space vehicles coming to reality sort of, “as a flying toy”. It is not just anymore a display that we use to see on the shelves in a toy store, but a working mock-up model.

Well to celebrate the Star Wars Saga we listed the best online product and DIY Star Wars inspired drones that you can buy online. See the lists of these coolest Star Wars Ships that comes to life.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Drone

Star Wars Millennium Falcon – the Star Wars Millenium Falcon is on our top of our list, if you are a Star Wars fanatic. We Star Wars millenium Falcon has a quadcopter drone incase in a Star Wars Millenium Falcon. The drone is a must in your collection. Hover the drone and may the force be with you. See Price and Specs.

Sphero BB-8 drone

Sphero BB-8 a smartphone controlled drone, this machine also responds to the command of your voice. Have this Sphero gadget in your Star Wars arsenal, record and view virtual hologrphics videos with BB-8.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Drone

Star Wars TIE Fighter Drone – this is not in the “buy” category yet but we hope it will be. The Star Wars TIE fighter drone is a DIY project by a Star Wars fan. Its not perfect but, its amazing to see this fighter drone, hover, fly, the first in its category.

74-2 Imperial Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper – this is another DIY project by Star Wars fan. Made by Adam Woodworth its fun to see a Star Wars character riding an imperial vehicel. Lookg ready to battle.

Star Wars Air Hogs Star Fighter

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control X-Wing Star Fighter

Its the X-Wing StarFighter from Star Wars the drone is a 2.4 Ghz drone that you can control up to 250 feet away. It has a crash resistant body which is better especially if you are just starting to fly the star fighter. But based on the reviews of users the X-Wing Star Fighter is a bit hard to control with low flying rating from its users. You need to have a high altitude first before you can smoothly control and fly the X-Wing Star Fighter.