[Video] Amazon Prime Air Drone Unveiled

I guess there is no going back Amazon Drone delivery will be coming soon, today Amazon unveiled the Amazon Prime Air, the drone that will deliver your package, according to the company the service will offer safe, efficient transport system. There is a huge possibility that this will push through soon, I guess Amazon is still waiting for the FAA drone regulations that is expected to be implemented before the year ends.

Amazon Prime Air Drone

But the question is what is Amazon Prime Air Drone how does the service works?

When buying a product, in the shopping cart you have the option to choose the type of delivery, a button “Prime Air 30 Minute Delivery” is listed as one of the option. According to Amazon the drone can carry at least five pounds and can deliver the item in 30 minutes or less which is several times much faster compared to traditional parcel delivery. The service is being tested first in Prime Air development centers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel, before implementing it to other countries as well.

Currently Amazon is testing several types of drone for delivery, testing many different vehicle designs and delivery mechanisms for the best type of delivery method. Based on the video Amazon showed a quadcopter and a hybrid design. Amazon did not elaborate if there will be additional fees for the Amazon Prime Air delivery or where in the United States will be the drone delivery going to be available, so far its a good first step of Amazon, to push this new technology in shopping, making life more easier and convenient.