Is my Drone Required to Register?- Requirements and Exemptions

Know about Drone Registration, Requirements and Exemptions

Federal Aviation Drone Registration

Seems like there is no stopping, the U.S government particularly the FAA. The U.S government is wrapping up all the registration guidelines in the next few days or weeks. The people behind the creation of rules and regulations includes the collaboration between drone manufacturers, government offices and aviation and tech experts.

Is my Drone Required to be Registered?

The registration of drone made the hobbyist to think twice before buying a drone, due to this new rules and regulations. We must admit its a hassle to register a drone , submitting all the necessary requirements and pay for it. But the good news is, the FAA might only require drones that weigh more than half a pound, if this will push through, small drones especially those drones for recreational purposes might be exempted from registration.

What are the requirements and information to be collected in order to register?

It has not been finalize yet, but drone owners might be required to register their drone details, their name and addresses. An email address might be required to enable users to received drone updates and changes on drone regulations. A possible social security number and date of birth is being suggested but we pretty sure this will push through due to privacy issues. All drone users will have their own registration number for fast identification.

How to Register your Drones?

To encourage users to register their drones, FAA decided to make the registration free. To make it more simple and fast the registration will be through a website or an app whether its Android or iOS.