Walmart Testing Drones for Delivering Products

Seems like this will be a common scenery next year and for several years to come “Drone Delivery”.

According to the report Walmart one of the largest shopping store is planning to use a drone for delivery of its products. Based on the report by Reuters, Walmart filed/applied an application from the FAA (Federal Avaiation Authority) for an exemption to test out drones possibly for delivering products of Walmart.

Wallmart Drones

The drone is made by DJI, probably a customized DJI drone. We dont know if on what extent will the delivery of the products by drone will be but we are pretty sure that if every thing goes well we might see Walmart deliver groceries or other items using drones.

“Drones have a lot of potential to further connect our vast network of stores, distribution centers, fulfillment centers and transportation fleet,” he said. “There is a Walmart within five miles of 70 percent of the U.S. population, which creates some unique and interesting possibilities for serving customers with drones.”

Remember that Amazon also is testing out drones for delivering products, so far the Amazon, Walmart are two of the biggest name in Shopping Store planning to use the drone.