Drone Defender Anti Drone Weapon See Specifications

A private group from Ohio might have a good solution to the problems on drones. They were able to create a weapon that could disable a drone without destroying it.

Drone Defender Anti Drone

Introducing the ‘Drone Defender Weapon” a weapon that look like it was taken from a sci-fi movie. The ‘Drone Defender: is a rifle like weapon that can take-out drones by blasting it with strong radio waves. According to the company it can target a drone up to 400-1300 feet away. It blocks the drone from receiving frequencies.

the first portable, accurate, rapid-to-use counter-weapon to stop suspicious or hostile drones in flight, providing critical security protection at home and abroad.” While it’s not a weapon in the conventional sense, it represents a huge step in the fight against unwanted drone activity.”

This is very useful especially that problems with drones rises dramatically for the past several months. The weapon could be use by law enforcement to disable drones especially in government workplace and other facilities such as airports.

Cold Start Time: 0.1 seconds

Operating time: 5 hours continous

Reach: 400-1300 feet away

Effective Diameter: 30 degrees cone

Applicable Frequencies: GPS and Common ISM bands

Portable, Lightweight, Custom Form Factors