(Video) QroSS Drone that can Stand on its Own

Technology are evolving every now and then, new inventions, new discoveries are presented especially in the field of technology.

Scientist/Robot experts from Japan Chiba Institute of Technology was able to create a roboto that can stand on its own. Presented at the IEEE/RJJ International Conference on Intelligent Robot and Systems the robot can be thrown at will, it might land in any position, but its ok it is enclosed in a case like structure allowing the QRoSS robot to roll and stop at any position.

QroSS Drone that can Stand on its Own

After that the robot drone detects its position and maneuver its legs to the right position, stand up and walk. Its really an amazing technology, and might usher the development of other smart robot system with this type or feature.

We don’t know if what will be the practical application of this technology, maybe in disaster it can be a scout robot where human is impossible to go.

Anyways, it is an impressive display of technology and amazing example of science fiction turned reality. For example in the movies we have seen a lot of this type of robots, thrown, roll and stand on its own and still continue to operate.