Jumping Night Drone – Best Gift for Kids

I was thinking yesterday if what will be the best gift for kids, you know Christmas is coming and of course, kids expect gifts from uncles, parents and grandparents.

Jumping Night Drone

Browsing the web, I finally found a tech toy that is safe, packed with amazing features as well as it will surely amaze the kid even the adults will surely appreciate the technology behind this toy. Just like me, if you are planning to by a present that kid will surely love, check out the “Jumping Night Drone” by Parrot. This jumping vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 4 mph. If the drone encounter an obstacle, the drone can jump up to 2.5 ft. in height, a very unique feature of this drone that is surely fun to watch.

It also has an automatic movements able to perform stunts at will, plus you can also set a programmable plan to et it maneuver autonomously.

Other features that you might like are the embedded camera, where you can take videos or photos and save it to its internal 4 GB flash memory. It also has an embedded speaker and microphone, make you drone a walkie talkie have some fun with the “Jumping Night Drone”.


Jumping’ are smart terrestrial robots piloted in Wi-Fi 2.4 or 5 Ghz via the free FreeFlight 3 application

A patented spring-mounted system: true tumblers, they can jump up to 2.5 ft. in height and length and always land on their wheels!

A programmable road plan: a ‘road plan’ enables you to program a course and actions.