Best eBook Drone Tutorial – Build Your Own Quadcopter

Drone is getting popular these days, it’s not just anymore for military or geeks, today drone is the number tech toy that people are buying. Even FAA said that this coming December alone, it is expected that more than 1 million drones will be sold, it will be the number 1 gift in the tech toy category.

Anyways if you are planning to have your own drone and don’t want to buy an assembled drone and much prefer to create one from scratch, we have here some best books and ebooks for getting started in creating your own drone.

These books or ebooks are some of the best Ebooks available for those who are planning to do some techie robotic drones, a comprehensive tutorial in making a drone from scratch.

 How to Build Your Own Quadcopter Drone – Best Book/eBook Tutorial

How to Build a Quadcopter Drone: A Complete Guide to Building a Radio Controlled Quadcopter

Create your own quadcopter drone

This book will help you build your own fully working Quadcopter, it will provide 2 complete instructions for two different size quadcopters, 25 cm wide version and 45 cm wide. The tutorial has a complete guide to tools as well as step by step instructions.

  • A complete guide to building a radio controlled quadcopter
  • Radio Transmitter Controls
  • Aeroplane Flight Controls
  • Tutorial on how to calibrate the flight controller
  • Tools required to assemble a drone

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Make: Getting Started with Drones: Build and Customize your Own Quadcopter

Make: Getting Started with Drones

Learn how drones work, learn how to build your own autonomous Quadcopter

  • Topics on Globak Positioning System
  • Step by Step instructions to build one
  • Understanding the technology behind the drone

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Build your Own Quadcopter: Power Up your Designs with Parallax Elev-8

Build your Own Quadcopter: Power Up your Designs with Parallax Elev-8

Features a step b step assembly plans and experiments that will help you have your own Quadcopter.

Topic Includes:

  • Understand the Principles that govern how the quadcopters fly
  • Follow illustrated instructions and assemble basic Quadcopter
  • Convert the parallax chip top PC and write spin
  • Add GPS and track your aircraft or Google Earth

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DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch: The Brooklyn Aerodrome Bible for Hacking the Skies

DIY RC Airplanes from Scratch: The Brooklyn Aerodrome Bible for Hacking the Skies

The book show you how to build a Flack delta wing from scratch. Create your own customized design.

Topics include:

  • Construct the airframe with the proper trim and centre of gravity
  • Diagnose and repair your Airplane
  • Devise, build and fly your own unique designs

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How to Build a Quadcopter: Learn How you can quickly and easily build your own Quadcopter

How to Build a Quadcopter

It’s and easy to follow book with easy to stick to truly simple approach. Learn how to quickly and easily build a Quadcopter.

Topics include:

  • One ESC to the Flight Control Board
  • How to Buikd a Quadcopter
  • A small Arduino Quadcopter Project
  • A Low Budget Quadcopter Kit with Assembly
  • Transmitter Amperage LIPO Battery

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DIY Drone and Quadcopter Projects

Book contains tutorials about how to understand what drones can do, and projects about how to make your own flying craft, from some of the earliest practitioners in the field.

Topics includes:

  • Features
  • Mind Your Drones
  • Getting Started with Multicopters
  • Building your Own Multicopter

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updated: 07/25/16

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