Mould King UFO 33041A Quadcopter Drone Review

Here is another low cost medium size Quadcopter drone for drone fans out there . Introducing the Mould King UFO 33041A Quadcopter.

The Quadcopter Mould King is a 6 axis gyroscope Quadcopter, with 360 degree rotation headless flying mode. The body is a durable plastic body with propeller protector from accidental crashing and bumps.

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Controlling the Drone– the drone is a typical drone design that you get in a tech store shop, it has a a 360 degree auto rolling, for a more stable flight. You can control the drone up to 100 meters, it also has an LED lights for night time flying. It has a 2.4 GHz wireless remote controller, with mode 2 ( left hand throttle). It has a huge propeller making it good in carrying a load, good lifting capability such as a small camera.

Flight Time – The Mould King UFO 33041A has a 5-6 minutes of flight time, with a built – in rechargeable battery, but it also has an extra battery that you can swap for continuous flying, for the charging time it’s about 100 minutes.

Accessories – if you suffer some accidentally bumps and crashes, no worries as it is easy to find a spare parts for the drone whether it’s the propeller, the engine or the propeller guard.


Overall – the Mould King UFO 33041A  is a starter drone with common controls, a good one to have if you are into drones, and wanted to learn how to fly one. The only drawback is the charging time which is almost twice as the common 60 minute charging time that we experienced in other drones. I guess the extra battery make up for the longer time it takes to charge. Note: Before flying the drone please check the loosen screws, or super tight screws before using the drone, I guess its factory problem.

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Flight Time: 6 minutes

Charging Time: 100 minutes

6 axis Gyroscope

360 Degree Rotation Headless Flying Mode

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One of the most Affordable drone in the market

Great drone for starters

Can be modify to add a video camera on the bottom without issues

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the Mould King UFO 33041A is a starter drone with common controls, a good one to have if you are into drones, and wanted to learn how to fly one

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