Replacement Blades for Haktoys HAK903 Quadcopter 

If you bought Haktoys HAK903 Quadcopter well good for you, so far it is one of the best small Quadcopter drones available in the market. The Quadcopter is easy to control as well as it is affordable compared to other quadcopters in the market right now.

Replacement Blades for Haktoys HAK903 Quadcopter

Anyways it’s not about the how the HAK903 Quadcopter works why you are here in this page, I’m pretty sure you are looking for a replacement parts for your small drone.  I guess you are looking for a replacement blade, usually this is the first part that gets smashed especially if are just starting to learn how to hover the drone, even don’t it has a rotor protector it is not enough to protect the blades. Don’t worry Haktoys got some replacement blades for your HAK903 Quadcopter drone, for just an affordable price.

The blades cost $ 7.99 U.S. you will get 2 x white-A main blades, 2 x white-B main blades, 2 x black-A main blades, 2 x black-B main blades.

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