North Dakota USA First to Legalized the Arming of Drones by Police

The police of North Dakota got new weaponry on its arsenal, “DRONES”. With the popularity of drones, the Police have already integrated it into their arsenal, used for surveillance equipped with powerful video cameras.


But seems like these drones will not be anymore used for just taking videos or photos, a law maker from State of Dakota in USA just legalized the used of armed drones by the Police, but it’s not the same with drones being used by the military equipped with lethal weaponry. On the amended bill the police will be to using “non-lethal” weapons, tear gas, tasers, rubber bullets and pepper spray that will help the, dispersed a group of people or stop a suspect. It’s a unique way of using technology for the safety of the public but there will be always a negative side on this, its ok to implement this but I think there should laws and bylaws, strict rule before they arm drones with the above weaponry, even though its non-lethal.

Some group are already opposing this idea citing that arming drones might not be the benefit of the public as it might be abused by the authorities.

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